Philosophy of Ministry

There are guiding principles which serve in this work for the good of all people. They compliment the Articles of Faith expressed elsewhere on this site. They serve as points of light, and focus the energy of providing care to those in need. It is a living, breathing Philosophy and forms in concert with the Articles of Faith part of the foundation for this work. It is a Philosophy capable of being added to, but is seldom taken away from itself. None of the principles take primacy singularly, all are equal and exercised at once collectively. To operate with only some of these principles here and there, tears at the fabric of the Philosophy itself and therefore is not a considered practice. Filled with love it conquers malice, hatred, fear, anger, resistance to service, and all other negative detriments which would prevent the embracing of the whole of an individual. They are offered here for your consideration:

Pastoral Care Policy: Ministerial confidences are typically maintained within the bounds of this ministry with regard to private communications made. The absolute exceptions are in cases where imminent harm or threat of harm of a client’s self or others is known, or in other cases dealing with criminal misconduct of individuals not yet prosecuted. In these specific situations where such issues are known to exist, the proper authorities must be notified, while still desiring to help such individuals through the particular trouble(s) if possible.

• In this ministry, compassion for and toward everyone regardless of who they are with the desire to help them, is the strongest bond which forms all friendships, all communication, and all understanding of the human condition. Without the embracing of this simple concept, the path of peaceful interaction is impossible to attain.

• This service of ministry is for all who seek it, all who desire it, and all who partake of it.

• All people, being the creation of the love of Deity, deserve and will always receive respect of their inherent worth.

• This ministry meets people where they are in their own life, embracing them in love, and helps them grow into their fullest good potential.

• Human conscience is a gift from Deity, and each person is free to exercise that gift to discern their own truth and live authentically.

• The views and beliefs of all are respected, without the need to influence in any way a conflicting opinion. Only in an act of interfaith understanding and dialogue, are differing views expressed when solicited.

• In this ministry, there is no discrimination of any kind…everyone is fully equal.

• Religion in any form is not viewed as an impediment to this ministry. Further, regardless of the path from where one comes when seeking assistance, all are offered without judgment an open loving hand to aid them on their journey through this life.

• Communing (being close) with the Divine Presence, and all of its expressions is a central focus of this work. (*Note: This does not expressly refer to the Sacrament of Communion, which is one form of achieving this goal, but is not the only pathway).

• The path of development is found on multiple levels, and this ministry embraces a holistic approach to help those in need achieve their highest good.