Ministry Services

In a spirit of faith and community, the Universal Life Church permits and honors all sacraments and ministries of the spiritual community. They include, exclude, are limited to, or are not limited to, those listed below – depending on the specific customs of the faith group within the ULC…and provided such practices do not violate the laws of the land where they are exercised. By definition in common ministry language, a “sacrament” is an act of faith which in effect unifies and increases the connection of a person to God or The Divine Source of All Creation. They provide a spiritual bond through ceremony and ritual for those in need of them. It is through these sacraments that often healing and transformation begins within the heart and life of an individual. “Pastoral Supports” – being a set thereof as such, are not typically considered sacraments (even in the strict sense). They are a very distinct form of service toward the community, and represent the heart of ministry work in many ways beyond the ritualized church sacraments.

If you have any questions regarding these services (as each sacrament or ministry carries its own particular dynamics), please feel free to contact me. Marriages, baptisms, ordinations, or funeral/memorial services can generally be tailored to any specific desires of the parties requesting them. My role as Minister is one of service to you. In addition to some specific services carrying the imposition of service fees, special secondary fees that help defray such costs as travel, calendar, and hotel accommodations should also be considered as appropriate (a full service contract document outlines the details). Often, financial considerations and other arrangements are a part of the process in creating your service, and/or the ministering of any sacrament or ministry. However, I do appreciate the willingness and generosity of an individual in showing financial support for those selected services whenever possible. In addition to the donation requested to reserve a date for services, occasionally there are additional travel and boarding costs which are outlined in a full Ministerial Service Contract. The ECRF (below), secures the date of the service you wish performed.


• Sacrament of Reconciliation (or “Penitent Confession”).

• Sacrament of Communion (Unity with The Divine).

• Sacrament of Baptism (Only ECRF and support fees apply).

• Sacrament of Ministerial Ordination (ULC) [Formal – By arrangement] (Only ECRF and support fees apply).

• Sacrament of Last Rites (Prayer and anointing in preparation for earthly/spiritual transition).

• Sacrament of Marriage, Hand-fastings, Renewal of Vows (Opposite and Same-Sex). [Wedding Ceremony (Full Service: $350.00); Marriage Solemnization (Civil Service: $150.00); Renewal of Vows (Service: $250.00) ].

Event Calendar Reservation Fee (ECRF): $150.00
** “Out of area” Travel / lodging fees are charged separately and are listed on the service contract.

Please note that the legal/political climate in a specific jurisdiction may not allow for legal recognition of same-sex marriages, in which case any same-sex marriage performed is done merely “in the sight of God”…with no legal standing from that jurisdiction. By ministerial/legal policy, marriages are NOT performed for anyone (wishing to be married) who is under the legal age of majority in a given jurisdiction, unless parental consent is provided in writing (and verified) prior to the marriage application being signed by the officiant. A wedding ceremony does not confirm the legal standing of a valid marriage if done before the signing of the marriage


• Ordinary Blessings (Personal Blessing, Small Item Blessing)

• House/Vehicle Blessing

• Visitation to the Sick/Dying (Hospital, Hospice, Personal Residence calls)

• Funeral/Memorial Services (Service Donation: OPEN)

• Ministerial Social Service Work (Advocacy, Intervention, and Outreach Support)

• Emergency/Disaster Relief Support

• Counseling – $75.00 (Per 1hr. session, or fraction thereof in 15 minute block).

• Consultation Services – $50.00 (Per 1hr. session, or fraction thereof. Non-counseling oriented).

• Public Speaking Engagements – Donation Amount Open

• Character Endorsement Letter (An ongoing connection between myself and the requester of at least 1 [one] year is required).