The website which became “RevBerthel.com” was officially created on December 24, 2003. “RevBerthel.com” is an independent ministry not-for-profit website provided by myself (Rev. Shawn Thomas Berthel, M.S.) within the fellowship of the Universal Life Church (ULC). Virtually no income from ministry services offered by me (when those monies are rarely received) support this site’s presence on the web. No “formal recognition” concerning this site exists with the ULC. Formal recognition by the ULC is defined as any ministry or congregation holding a congregational certificate number. This certificate is NOT required for this site to function as a segment of the ULC. The purpose of the website is to provide information on various relevant topics and also provide a connection between myself, my ministry, and the association I enjoy with the ULC.

With the exception of the Guestbook, Chat, Bulletin Board, and other independent features which are linked with the host server and which may be provided as an accessible feature on this site, any mention or display of dates or times on any pages of this site are based on the U.S. – PST Time Zone. This website in its entirety is not considered to be a business entity in any way. “RevBerthel.com” (along with any sub-domains related to it), is the only website affiliated with my name and ministry. As it pertains to templates, third party software features, and certain jpeg or similarly styled images which are the property of the respective providers…all other site content is the exclusive intellectual property and creativity of the site owner. This website and its content is subject to modifications, additions, or deletions of any kind and at any time. It is not bound by laws or duties of “required public notice” before making such changes.